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The world we are all living in, today, is experiencing a magnificent time of exponential growth. Some have called it, the 21st Century’s Industrial Revolution. A world, where technological capabilities are drastically improving, every single year. And these technologies, year after year, play a increasingly more critical and personal role in our daily lives.

Digital Experiences

As Human


Nowadays, organizations are all about creating value through technology – deploying new approaches to streamlining operations, learning about user behavior through analytics, and creating individualized experiences with goals of reaching multiple segmentations of one, where each user can have a unique experience optimal for them. This push to hyper-segmentation, has been the goal of many companies, because it is the singularity point where digital experiences become human experiences.

What Innovation Means to Us

And Can For


Your organization is pushed, every single day, to create faster, better, and more exciting experiences by your ever-demanding customers. Coming up with new ideas, is easy. Execution on them, is difficult. Here’s how we define innovation and how we’ll help your company grow:

Innovation is:

Turning concepts into value, from a organization’s and customer’s perspective

Having open dialogues with employees and customers to cultivate environments of experimentation

Asking better questions to frame the problem or opportunity correctly

The dedication of time, budget, diverse resources devoted to discovering, testing, and applying novel ideas

Tweaking ideas through cycles of feedback, continuously iterating to understand what works best to meet goals

Encouraging failure with rewards for trying

Implementation and integration of novel ideas into business operations and products/services

Staying relevant in the marketplace by meeting customer needs, wants, and desires

Staying nimble to adapt to changing market conditions

It’s is not always about disruption. More often, than not, innovation is about making small, measurable improvements over time.

It’s easier to make something specific 20% better than it is than to make something 20% better overall.


As a Function

Of Value

Utility Value

Faster, more seamless, and personalized experiences

Monetary Value

Added revenue/profit, that creates opportunities for further growth

Emotional Value

Makes us feel important, significant, appreciated, and empowered

Moral Value

Makes us feel more aligned to the higher powers of the universe

What’s Your Definition of Innovation?

Is it a combination of the above or something entirely unique?

Experimentation Yields


We believe the only way forward is by embracing an iterative innovation process. Only by adopting a test-and-learn mind-set, can companies drive top/bottom-line growth. At Concept Key, we specialize in designing targeted, high-learning business experiments aimed to build products and solutions in an Agile framework. We rapidly test these experiments to glean cycles of validated learning, that way, we know, we’re adding maximum value to your employees and downstream customers, every step of the way.

Call us an Innovation Lab, a Think Tank, a Research and Development Center, an Incubator, or a Dev Shop, our main focus is to empower your business for iterative innovation and realize the ideas and concepts that will move your business forward.

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For more information about how we can help your organization innovate more effectively, please contact us.