Product Management

Open New Doors

Taking concepts and turning them into products and services is essential to the growth and sustainability of your organization. From understanding business requirements, assessing organizational capabilities, to getting a comprehensive view of user’s needs and wants, and assessing opportunities for growth in the marketplace, the journey requires a certain discipline.


We take ideas from concept to execution. Whether it’s building an additional feature or building a product or service offering from scratch, we’re there for you along the journey, wherever you are. We have dedicated business, design and technology experts with proven delivery experience, who want to help you bring your ideas to market.

The Entire Journey

PM Solutions

We combine human-centric design frameworks with quantitative and qualitative data insights to manifest the concepts that add value to users.

  • Run a feasibility analysis based on resource availability, team’s expertise, and market conditions
  • Determine short and long-term strategy for product, pricing, positioning, and promotion
  • Align product launch goals and success criteria to business model
  • Coalesce user-stories, brand strategy, business and functional requirements into an actionable roadmap
  • Define objectives and key results (OKRs), milestones, and metrics
  • Document business and functional specifications requirements
  • Assess customer needs and wants, industry’s competitive landscape, market trends, and opportunities
  • Identify target users, segment users into sub-groups, build user-empathy maps and user-journeys
  • Begin to coordinate usability tests and experiments to gather continuous feedback on product releases
  • Determine product/market fit
  • Develop storyboards to illustrate user flow, interaction, and story context
  • Create low/high fidelity wireframes via Sketch, Balsamiq, & InVision
  • Create design mockups via Photoshop, Illustrator, & Axure
  • Brainstorm, develop, and test Web & Mobile UI/UX designs
  • Integrate designers, developers and business stakeholders
  • Design and evolve MVP to reach product/market fit
  • Translate customer needs, wants, empathy maps, and user stories into product features
  • Prioritize features and scenarios based on research and planning
  • Continuously test & validate product iterations
  • Create development schedules, facilitate cross-functional communication, and spearhead issues as they arise
  • Work to build internal and external stakeholder buy-in
  • Track performance metrics to measure product impact and success
  • Manage risks, dependencies, issues, and product delivery management
  • Measure launch milestones and success criteria
  • Brand development and marketing campaigns
  • Collaborate for content generation and marketing collateral (video & animation)
  • Optimize marketing mix (channels, communication) and customer conversion funnel
  • Evangelize product to target market and drive demand
  • Benchmark and measure Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Objectives and Key Results (OKRs)
  • Test and validate iterations with users
  • Make adjustments to product and offer sales support
  • Track performance metrics to measure product impact and success
  • Forecast supply and demand

Empathize, Align, Create


Here’s our approach to partnering with your company to turn concepts into value:

Align to Strategy

Fuse product strategy to business objectives, company vision and mission

Define the Problem or Opportunity

Analyze the current-state and plan the future-state

Empathize with Users

Understand what your target market is looking for

Qualify the Concept

Secure stakeholder buy-in, brainstorm and design MVP

Build Iterations

Tweak MVP through cycles of feedback to validate what works best with your target market

Launch & Continue to Learn

Measure results, get more feedback, pivot, if necessary

Big ideas shouldn’t wait until tomorrow.

What do you want to build?

Human Centered Design (Ideo)


User-centric principles to help understand what to design, how it can work, and what value it could bring to users


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